A Comparison of Classification Methods. Supplementary Data.

Presented by the Virtual Reality and Multimedia Research Group at the Technical University of Freiberg


This web-site presents a comparative study we conducted. In this study a number of classification methods have been systematically evaluated for the problem of classifying grasp types from uncalibrated cyberglove sensor data. The findings of this study are presented at the IEEE VR 2007 conference, NC, USA. The Full data set, the result tables and some additional information can be accessed here.

Full Article

  • IEEE VR 07 G. Heumer, H. Ben Amor, M. Weber & B. Jung. Grasp Recognition with Uncalibrated Data Gloves – A Comparison of Classification Methods. IEEE Virtual Reality 2007, pp. 19 - 26. (*Honorable Mention)


Research in the Virtual Workers project is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).