» Our Project

We are a small group of two researchers and several students from the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg. In this semester we developed a 3D scanning tool based on the Kinect depth camera. The so-called SciVi Framework allows you to easily create 3D polygon meshes of a real object. You can find the framework here.

SciVi uses AR markers to compute the extrinsic parameters of the camera, which are later used to align different views of the object. The framework further performs some data processing and outlier detection to extract the point cloud. Finally, a 3D mesh is generated using Poisson surface reconstruction.

You can view some examples (WebGl) on our homepage and download the full-source code. Please keep in mind that this is a lightweight framework that was developed during a course at the university and, therefore, still has several open ends.

If you are interested in our work read the next pages.

If you want to look at the scanning results, take a minute or two an look at our 3D Gallery.