» Scan Tablets

The Scan Tablets are wooden boards which are used to bound the scan area. The ARToolKit markers are placed in each corner and with the previously set values in the source code, a bounding box is created (These values should be set more interactively in our further development). All vertices within this box are append to the pointcloud, when a scan step is accomplished. We also used a rotating plate, to improve the tablets, because so the Kinect have the same luminance value in every scan step. This tablet has a size of about 400x400mm2 with markers at the size of 70x70mm2




We also built a special scan tablet for busts and small statues. With it’s help, the markers can be placed around an object, which can’t be placed on a classic Scan Tablet. We used this item to scan the bust from “Alexander von Humboldt”. This frame has a side length of about 900mm. Here we used markers with a surface of 130x130mm2