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Get our framework.

Download the latest version of our framework source code. The framework currently only works under Linux.

Download as tar.gz (9.0 MB)
Download as zip (9.04 MB)

For compiling our framework you need the following libraries an their dependencies.

Visualization and Computer Graphics Lib
OpenKinect OpenSceneGraph ARToolKit vcglib

If you want to view the output of the experimental footprint-algorithm (scan application) you need GLE.

Graphics Layout Engine

Get the AR markers

You can find a lot of AR markers at the page from the Geometric Design and Computation (GDC) research group in the School of Computing at the University of Utah.

Get our recorded datasets.

All these phenomenal point clouds you can download for your own use.
individual point clouds are availible here
all point clouds as tar.gz package or as zip package

Also the generated meshes are availible.
individual meshes you can download here
all meshes as tar.gz package or as zip package.