Beschreibung von Via Mineralia

Developed by the Virtual Reality and Multimedia Research Group at the Technical University of Freiberg


So far, Via Mineralia has been implemented and deployed in two different instances. A third one, a fixed installation in the Terra Mineralia museum is currently in the planning phase.

Pre-production installation

  • minerals collection of the TU Freiberg
  • three WiFi access points with roaming support
  • approximately 80,000 specimens of these 300 labeled for the game
  • ten PDAs for rent to visitors

Portable version

  • standalone version in carry case
  • works without WiFi network
  • seven labeled mineral specimens

Terra Mineralia exhibition

  • largest minerals collection in the world
  • scheduled to open in 2008
  • version of the game planned to be integrated in musuem
  • approximately 80,000 specimens
  • 80 WiFi access points planned