Beschreibung von Via Mineralia

Developed by the Virtual Reality and Multimedia Research Group at the Technical University of Freiberg

Experiences and conclusions

Via Mineralia was played by miscellaneous persons during development and appealed to younger as well as older people. During a test run day it was evaluated by students from a local secondary school between 5th and 9th grade and was received enthusiastically. Students explored the exhibition in a very intensive way, actively searching for and reading information displays helpful for their quest. The prospect of leading the high-score list led to a high motivation. Furthermore, the game fostered social interaction between students, especially when the game was played in a team. PDA handling as well as game principles were comprehended easily.


Future work consists of improving the WLAN infrastructure in terms of stability and scalability. Creation of additional multimedia content about exhibits will be a permanent task. Possibilities of integrating an encompassing story which ties the separate exhibits together are also being explored.