Beschreibung von Via Mineralia

Developed by the Virtual Reality and Multimedia Research Group at the Technical University of Freiberg


The overall process of a game of Via Mineralia is summarized by the following diagram:

The game principle behind Via Mineralia is similar to a classical treasure hunt. Each player carries a PDA and sets out in the search of exhibits, specified by given hints. Additional hints can be bought, which facilitates the search but costs points. If convinced he found the object in question, the player scans an RFID label attached to or close to it. If the object was the correct one, knowledge questions are asked about it through the PDA. Points are awarded for correct answers. After answering all questions, the search for a new exhibit is started, repeating the process. The set and succession of search objects are specified by a specific theme or “tour”, e.g. “colour tour”, “treasure tour”, “local minerals tour”, etc. Upon completion of the tour, the sum of collected points is shown and a rating is given. The score, if high enough, is then logged in a high-score list on the game server together with the player’s name and ranking.