Beschreibung von Via Mineralia

Developed by the Virtual Reality and Multimedia Research Group at the Technical University of Freiberg

Technical realization

The physical interface of the players to the game is realized by PDAs fitted with RFID readers. To interact with a certain exhibit, an attached RFID label, uniquely identifying the exhibit, is scanned by holding the reader close to designated labels.


Multimedia content and game state is managed on a central game server. Communication between PDAs and server is realized via a WLAN network. User interactions are transformed to HTTP requests and transmitted to the server. In response, web pages corresponding to the current game state and user input are dynamically generated and transmitted back to the PDA for display in a web browser.

To facilitate creation and editing of game content, a special purpose content management system has been implemented and field-tested. This provides museum staff and minerals experts with an easy way to contribute their expertise to the design of novel game experiences.